Our simple online system allows you to create, track, share and submit all your project documentation instantly.

BCS is the leading online software for the construction industry. It provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use process to ensure timely and accurate building certification outcomes. Because it’s all online, users can work anytime from anywhere, with absolute assurance that all data and documents are fully secure, instantly retrievable and available 24/7.

For many in the construction industry keeping documents up to date with legislation can be cumbersome and time consuming. BCS keeps all standard industry forms up to date with current legislation, so you don’t need to worry about them.

Our software is specifically designed in conjunction with industry professionals for the following sectors:

  • Certification
  • Fire Safety Measure Auditing
  • Thermal Performance (Energy) Assessors
  • Building Designers
  • Access (DDA) Consulting
  • Fire Engineering

Say goodbye to paperwork and get more done.

Fully integrated with Word, Dropbox, Xero, Calendar and BCS Mobile.
Automatic saving and storage of all documents to the cloud.
Create and edit new or existing company specific templates.
Preview and edit documents using Microsoft Word.
Consolidate all project data into one coherent platform.
Customise checklists, view plans on site and complete inspections using BCS Mobile.