Who we are

Building Compliance Systems is Australian Owned, Australian Managed & wholly built in Australia. It is a division of Envoy Advanced Technologies, a software development company of bespoke software for leading Australian businesses.

The BCS team has extensive experience in the Building and Construction industry. We have provided technical innovation to this sector since 2007 and continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace.

Our mission is to deliver solutions that really work and intelligent insights that make a difference. The industry contains ever-evolving businesses that require consistent, current regulatory compliance and modern business practice: these are our underlying value services. At BCS we are determined to challenge ourselves to continually find smarter, simpler and more efficient ways of providing value to our customers.

Our primary satisfaction comes from seeing our work solve real business problems. We never stop learning about our customers and the industry in general. This allows us to provide the most relevant and cost-effective solutions for the industry throughout Australia.

James Milson
Director, Building Certification Systems

The Company

In 2006 Buildaform launched its automated inspection and certificate production system for private certifiers. Since this beginning, Envoy Advanced Technologies has been the technological backbone of Buildaform technology.

In 2013, Envoy went one step further and brought Buildaform alongside it, under common ownership, and began the drive to expand and improve the suite of products available to certifiers. Most importantly, Buildaform and Envoy began an extensive development program to improve the delivery of the expanded suite of products, the level of service, and the range of devices through which the products can be accessed in the cloud.

Reflecting these advances, 2014 saw the retirement of the “Buildaform” name for “Building Certification Systems” (BCS), and the launch of the new product suite: BCS Office, BCS Mobile, BCS Councils and BCS Pools.

In 2023 we rebranded to Building Compliance Systems to more align our brand to the software we provide. With new advances in technology and expanding our software into new industry sectors, the re-brand is seen as a positive step in the growth of BCS.

As BCS’s technology partner, Envoy continues to aggressively drive and support the continued evolution of the products.  That evolution is informed by BCS’ continued discussions with its customers about their on-the-ground needs and experiences.

BCS’ underlying product strategy is that its products are for building sector professionals, with their input ensuring development suits each industry sector’s needs.  That is why its staff includes people who were once part of the building industry.  BCS understands its customers industry, because BCS is part of that industry.