Extension Packs

The following list of features should give your company a good understanding of what value is available in each edititon. If your company has a more commercial based business than Team or Corporate would likely be a good fit as they both gave greater customisation capability designed to positively impact those types of projects.

API Pack

The API Pack allows clients to send project and quote data to external CRMs or other accounting platforms other than XERO.

The information that can be transferred to external packages, allows businesses to perform more in-depth analysis on their business performance. The API option pack also allows BCS clients to reap the benefits of locking accounting dates, which would otherwise be limited to users of XERO.

  1. Strict Contact Management

    Forces a contact saved on a project or quote to have an association with a contact in the master contact list.

  2. Lock Period

    This feature allows a Company Administrator to be granted the permission “User can set accounting lock dates”. This feature is only accessible if a Xero account is not connected. If a Xero account is connected, this feature is hidden, and the system relies on the lock dates system provided in Xero.

  3. BCS API*

    Enables access to the BCS API. Allows API Keys to be generated and for the transfer of the following information between BCS and external software, such as CRM’s.

    • Contact Information
    • Specific Quote Data
    • Specific Project Data

    Can also provide integration to build reports directly in Excel using Power Query or Power BI.

    *Requires you to engage an external contractor to complete any integration work.


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise Included

Multi Office

The Multi-Office option assists managing businesses in multiple locations.

This option pack allows businesses with multiple offices to maintain a collaborative working approach and improves communication between all offices.  This feature enables clients to allocate projects to specific offices and management to report on performance.

  1. Multi Office

    Allows the client to have multiple offices configured

  2. Template Filtering

    Allows the client to filter document templates by office so that only the appropriate templates can be seen and used.


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate Included
Enterprise Included

Cross-State Operations

This option pack allows businesses to store projects and complete work across multiple states from within one or more offices*.

  1. Cross-State Operations

    Complete work across multiple states without the need for individual state-based offices and includes pre-configured state templates that meet legislative requirements

    *Multi Office pack required for more than one office


Starter $19.00/month
Team $19.00/month
Corporate $19.00/month
Enterprise $19.00/month

Guest Portal

The BCS Guest Portal is a gateway for customers of BCS clients, to review, update, submit applications and provide feedback instantaneously.

Those clients can provide information on any platform (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc..) using any device. The portal allows those clients to lodge applications, upload and download files, access documentation and provide comments. The portal can also be presented with your company logo and colours that align with the company branding.

  1. Guest Access

    Allows those contacts that have been provided a login access to view, upload and download attachments that relate to project files of the client.

  2. Guest Application Forms

    Allows the selected guest users to create applications to be approved as new projects.

  3. External Inspector Access

    Clients can add external inspectors as users to their company and assign them inspections. External Inspectors can remotely login, upload their inspection results plus use the BCS Mobile App

  4. External Access Report

    Can access External Access report to see which clients have access to your portal


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA

Staged Invoicing

Staged-Invoicing allows customers to be billed at the appropriate stages of a project, providing BCS clients with consistent cash flow.

Clients can make progress claims aligned with agreed milestones, automatically generating a summary of past progress claims, and recouping additional costs, including disbursements and where applicable, time-based work defined on timesheets*.

  1. Staged Invoicing

    Allows the client to create staged invoices and enables the Accepted Fees tab for tracking staging of invoicing and payments.

  2. Show line lookup on large invoices

    Allows client to opt in to showing a line lookup on staged invoices that contain large numbers of staged billing header lines, for the user to pick from and add to the staged invoice. This is to mitigate searching issues on staged invoice pages where many quote/bill etc lines exist.

    *Requires the Timesheet Extension Pack


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate Included
Enterprise Included

Advanced Documents

Advanced Documents is an Extension Pack that BCS clients can use to maximise productivity whilst managing document templates.

  1. Document Status

    Allows the client to configure document statuses against individual document templates. Document can be used to trigger workflows.

  2. Approver Role

    An Approver role is included and documents or categories can require an approval before the document or category can be finalised/emailed

  3. Bulk Document Generation

    Allows the client to bulk generate documents from basic templates (those that do not require data entry on the Generate page). This option is available for each document category.

  4. Document Category Status

    Categories can be created with the optional approval workflow. This can be done in defaults or when a category is created directly on a project. When this feature is enabled, the client must opt-in to this feature by checking “Use Approval Process” under the “Document Set Approval Process” section on the Company Settings page.

    When a document set has been created, the category appears as locked and collapsed, with the option to download the document set.

  5. Document Subcategories

    Projects can be set up with a folder hierarchy within the Documents and Attachments tabs. These can also be defined in defaults so that the folder structure is created when the project is created. Syncs perfectly with Dropbox creating the sub-categories in the project folders.

  6. Filter templates by Project Type Category

    Enables filtering of Document Templates by Project Type Category


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA


BCS Timesheets provides management with the tools to manage time, costs and profitability of projects.

BCS clients can use this feature to assess the profitability of a project by setting cost and charge values against the time logged by the user. They can also gain insight into hours spent on tasks to track profitability for each project.

  1. Timesheets

    Allows users to record time against tasks/roles and projects

  2. Timesheet Rate Billing

    Users will log work on Timesheets which will calculate the cost of work, based on the user’s Cost Rate. The sum of the cost of Timesheets can determine the cost of a Phase.

  3. Timesheets Invoice Amounts

    Clients can add an Invoice Amount to Timesheet entries including reviewing and invoicing time.

  4. Timesheet Budgets

    Add budgeted dollars and time to a project. Run the Summary report to provide an overview of project profitability.

  5. Timesheet Reports

    • Timesheet for Project File Report
    • Timesheet for User Report
    • Timesheets Invoice Amounts Report
    • Timesheet Summary Report


Starter $49.00/month
Team $79.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA

Business Reporting

An all-inclusive set of comprehensive business reporting tools that automatically tracks performance across multiple avenues, providing key business management insights at the click of a button.

These reports allow management to gain key insights into performance over a selected period, whilst managing compliance risks.

All reports are exported in MS Excel format with filtering tools available in the report to allow granular research.

  1. Operations Report

    Enables access to the Operations Report. This is an activity-based report for a user – i.e.: for the given period, data about quotes, invoices, payments, projects, inspections. E.g.: Details of quotes Won in that timeframe, invoices (drafted, issued, sent, paid), inspections booked/completed/results, projects opened/closed

  2. Director Role

    Enables the Director Role for users. Only a user who with the Director role can grant this role to other users. With the role enabled, the following reports are restricted to a user’s own data unless they are a Director: Operations Report, Invoice Shares Report, Invoice Activity Report. With the feature enabled, the following reports are hidden from non-Directors: Quotes Summary, Timesheets Invoice Amounts

  3. Defective Inspection Report

    Report on all failed inspections by date range. Contains Builder Name, Project Number, Project Title, Proposal Address, Inspection Name, Inspection Date.

  4. Statements

    Allows user to produce a statement of approved but unpaid invoices, for a given client across multiple projects. The statement is based on a word template.


Starter $49.00/month
Team $49.00/month
Corporate( incl) $49.00/month
Enterprise (incl) Included

Revenue Recognition

Treat all payments as “pre-payments” and only assign as revenue when work or milestones are completed. Can have possible benefits with taxable income and PI Insurance Calculations.

NOTE: You should refer to your accountant of financial advisor for appropriate advice on Revenue Recognition

  1. Progressive Revenue Recognition

    Allows the client to carry out a revenue recognition process by creating automated journals for invoices where payment is received in advance of services being delivered (accrual-based accounting). When an invoice is raised, users can code line items against liability accounts (whether this feature is enabled or not). The revenue recognition feature then allows clients to automate the raising of journals in BCS to move amounts from liability accounts to revenue accounts. The journals are raised as Draft Journals and must be approved by a user with the Accounts role. If a Xero account is connected, then when approved, these are posted to Xero. BCS tracks the amounts remaining to be recognised as revenue.

    This feature can also be used by a user to manually create Journals, but it can integrate with the Workflow Automation feature to do this automatically. For revenue to be recognised automatically, the client must define milestones, then set these milestones at the point they occur in the list of fees. Workflows can then be triggered to recognise all remaining revenue above the milestone when a triggering event occurs.

    NOTE: This feature cannot be used in conjunction with User Revenue Allocation


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA

Billing Phases

Allows for the efficient quoting and billing of clients in “phases” based on lump sum or time-based billing as well as improving cash flow.

  1. Account Contact

    Allows the client to opt-in to using the Accounts Contact card. Also makes available another opt-in setting to force users to use the Accounts Contact for Quotes, Invoices, and Staged Invoices instead of being able to enter an ad hoc contact specific to the billing header type.

  2. Project Billing Phases*

    Allows a quote to be split into separate phases. Each phase can be opened or closed. When open, a phase can be billed. A summary tab on the Financials page tracks billing for each phase tracking quoted value, costs incurred (Bills and time), and planned vs actual revenue. This is slightly different to the Accepted Fees tab which tracks billing to date for each individual line item.

    There are two types of phases – Lump Sum and Time-based. Lump Sum just means an actual value is quoted. Time-based means the client is quoting hourly rates instead. The Time-based portion relies on the Timesheets features before it will be active.

    *Must have Timesheets plugin if wanting to bill based on Time

  3. Allow Editing Billing Phase Quote

    Allows Quotes linked to a Billing Phase to be edited after acceptance.

  4. Financial Summary Report

    A user can run a report by Project Manager of all Billing Phases. The data includes Project Number, Project URL, Project Manager, Project Address, Phase Description, Phase Number, Type, Status, Hours, Value, % Complete, Overridden, Invoiced, WIP, Revenue Actual, Revenue Planned, Revenue Variance, Billing Due, Phase Comment.


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA

Business Units

Improved project and financial management for multi-departmental businesses.
The Business Units option pack allows businesses to assign users to a single business unit entity, to be able to run business reports around the entities, to create Project Teams within projects, and to report on outstanding invoices by business units.

  1. Business Unit

    Clients with this feature can create multiple Business Units within an office and assign users to a single Business Unit. User-select lists group users into their assigned Business Unit, Projects and Standalone Quotes must be assigned to a Business Unit, and Billing Entity Lines such as on Quotes, Bills, and Invoices must be assigned to a specific Business Unit

  2. Project Teams

    Enables a typeahead search field on Projects and Standalone Quotes, where users can be searched for and added to the project or quote, regardless of whether there is a specific role they can be assigned or not (i.e. Project Manager, Accredited Certifier, etc.). Users selected into a specific role will automatically be added to the Project Team. These details will be visible on the List All Projects dashboard.

  3. Reports

    Aged Receivables by Business Unit Report


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA

Advanced Financials

Advanced Financials is a suite of powerful financial management tools that improve the process of creating quotes, billing &invoices plus unlocks key insights into the financial management of your business.

  1. Xero Tracking Categories*

    Xero Tracking Categories lets you see how different areas of your business are performing, so you can make proactive business decisions. Xero allows you to create “tags” that can be applied to your bank reconciliation, bills, and invoices. This means you can add a tracking category to a transaction but continue to use the same account codes you normally would when reconciling or allocating sales. For example, let’s say you’re a business with multiple work locations. You can track sales for each location by setting up a tracking category with tracking options for each location.

    *Requires a Xero account to be connected

  2. Account Contact

    Allows the client to opt-in to using the Accounts Contact card. Also makes available another opt-in setting to force users to use the Accounts Contact for Quotes, Invoices, and Staged Invoices instead of being able to enter an ad hoc contact specific to the billing header type.

  3. Lock Period

    This feature allows a Company Administrator to be granted the permission “User can set accounting lock dates”. This feature is only accessible if a Xero account is not connected

    Note: When Xero is connected, this feature is disabled

  4. User Revenue Allocation

    Allows one or more users to be assigned to an Invoice and the total invoice amount allocated amongst the selected users. When this feature is enabled, the client must opt-in to this feature by checking “Invoice Header Shares” under the Features section on the Company Settings page.

  5. User Revenue Allocation Report

    Produces an excel report to breakdown all user line amount allocations from invoices and credit notes for a selected date range.

  6. Market Sector

    Enables a Market Sector field for Projects and Quotes.

  7. Write Offs

    Allows the user to add a General Ledger account with a specific Write-off flag. When issuing a Staged Credit Note against a Staged Invoice with a write-off account code, this has the additional effect of reducing the quoted line amount by the total credited. Write-off account codes can be identified when using the BCS API. Note: this feature is not active when a Xero Account is connected.

    Doesn’t work with Xero integration.

  8. Substitute Contact

    Enables a substitute contact that correspondence relating to accounting matters (such as invoices) should be sent via, instead of directly to the actual entity being billed.

    Must have the Account Contact feature enabled

  9. Fee Presets for Clients/Applicants/Office

    Allows the client to filter Fee Presets by master contacts selected in the Applicant/Client contact card. These Fee Presets will only appear in the list if the user has selected the applicable contact into the role of Applicant (on Certification or NSW Pool Inspection projects).


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA

Mandated Reporting

Allows NSW Planning Portal integration with BCS and the Certificate Registration Service and provides proven processing efficiencies (time savings) of in excess of 50%.

  1. NSW ePlanning Certificate Registration

    Enables NSW ePlanning integration with the Certificate Registration Service. This enables the ePlanning dashboard on a project which lists certificates issued on the project. A user with the “NSW Certificate Registration” role can lodge certificates with council and pay the lodgement fees without using the Planning Portal. Additional communications between council and the certifier are handled via the creation of tasks, e.g.: the council can request further information be provided or can accept or reject the .


Starter $49.00/month
Team $99.00/month
Corporate $149.00/month
Enterprise $POA


Send multiple documents from BCS using BCS-EasySign (via FuseSign) to recipients and have them signed and returned to you within minutes.

BCS uses FuseSign’s API to send documents to FuseSign for signing, receives notifications and signed documents back once your client has signed.

In the initial release of this integration, signing is configured at a document level within BCS. If you require signature placeholders and other text fields you can add these once the document moves to FuseSign.

*You must have a FuseSign account to use this feature

  1. Pricing Per Month - FuseSign

    BCS has negotiated discounted pricing with FuseSign for BCS Customers. Contact us to find out more.

  2. From FuseSign’s Website www.fusesign.com

    FuseSign is a digital signature platform like no other. Send documents for signing and have them back within hours, not days, with granular control of viewing and signing permissions and security levels, including a full audit trail, all for the price of a stamp.

    With FuseSign, your clients will be given one link and page to sign all relevant documents, with no need to remember username and passwords, or even needing to use a desktop computer – FuseSign is mobile friendly, so can be accessed while out of the office! Plus your brand and messaging will be shown on the email notifications and signing page, so they feel secure in the whole process.

    Electronic signatures have been recognised by law in Australia since 1999 when the Electronic Transactions Act was passed.  In New Zealand, it was 2002 when the legislation was passed. Under Australian law, contracts can be deemed valid regardless of being concluded verbally, electronically or in a physical paper document format.  The Transactions Act confirms that provided certain requirements are met a contract cannot be denied because it has been concluded electronically. The digital signing platform’s primary objective is to authenticate a signature – to confirm who is actually signing the document and protect the information from tampering.


Starter $19.00/month
Team $49.00/month
Corporate $99.00/month
Enterprise $POA