Overview of the SMA product

SMA (Safety Measures Auditor) software is purpose built for Auditors of Essential (Fire) Safety Measures – specifically qualified people (auditors) engaged to audit ESM’s and the maintenance of Essential (Fire) Safety Measures.

SMA allows auditors to complete an annual compliance document (ie. Annual Essential Safety Measures Report, Fire Safety Statement, Fire Safety Certificate, etc.) using the information gathered via maintenance records and physical inspections using our mobile inspection app over the compliance period.

The software can also provide the Auditor’s clients (building owners, portfolio managers, etc.) access to a compliance portal to monitor maintenance and audit results.

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Document Management System

BCS has a smart template engine which allows users to have control of their templates and how they are generated by utilising our integration with Microsoft Word

Cloud-based storage

BCS Office automatically saves all created and polished documents back to cloud storage which means that all data and documents are fully secure, instantly retrievable and available 24/7.

Distribute reports direct to recipients via email

BCS Office gives the user the capability to send finalised reports to clients and other recipients direct via email. Users can easily attach any files to the email with a simply drag and drop.

Generate compliant certifications ready for distribution

BCS Office generates compliant certificates, complete with electronic stamping and signature, in PDF format. It is also equipped to distribute reports direct to clients via email.

Software integration

BCS Office is fully integrated with Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Adobe and iCal. BCS holds a high level of integration capability with other systems and cloud based software.

Calendar feed

Track all your inspection bookings by using the BCS Office calendar feed. Every user can also subscribe to the calendar by syncing either Outlook, Google, iPhone/iPad accounts to the BCS Office calendar.

How SMA Works

Essential Safety Measures

Quickly view all of the essential fire safety measures on a property and the details of each measure, including anniversary dates, statuses of each item (pass, pending, failed), servicing contractor plus much more relevant information

Maintenance Records Audit

Quickly view the frequency, servicing months and service contractor for all of the essential fire safety measures. Use of colour coding allows the user to quickly determine compliance

Portfolio Compliance Dashboard

Building owners, portfolio managers, etc. can access a compliance portal to monitor that maintenance is being completed. They can quickly view and drill down into the detail on critical defects, non-critical defects, non-conformances, etc.. There is also the ability to group properties into portfolios and assign guest access based on a portfolio

Safety Measures Auditor Features and Inclusions

The following list of features outlines what is available to you in Building Certification. Building Certification has tailored the system to include all aspects of functionality required to create an efficient work space for all E1 pool certifiers, bringing consistency to the way pool certification is carried out

Standard Invoicing check
Access Xero Settings Page  check
Disbursements  check
Credit Notes  check
Progressive Revenue Recognition  EP
Project Billing Phases EP
Purchase Order  EP
Expense Claims  check
Invoice Share Allocation EP
Lock Period  EP
Write Offs  EP
Invoice Revenue Splits  Report EP
Standalone Credit Notes Opt-out  check
Xero Tracking Categories  EP
Show line lookup on large invoices  check
Report - Aged Receivables  check
Overdue Payment Reminders  check
Marketing Opt-out  check
Fee Preset Filtering check
Client Fee Presets EP
Strict Contact Management  EP
Account Contact  EP
Attachments  check
Documents  check
Microsoft  check
Signatures  check
Custom Default Documents  check
Custom Document Templates  check
Document Stamping  check
Create Document Categories  check
Document Tasks and Reminders  check
Use BCS Sharepoint  check
Placeholder Documents  check
Document Stamping V2  check
Document Status  EP
Document Reference  check
Document Reference (Checklist)  check
Generate All  EP
Document Category Status  EP
Always Show Manual Document Editing  check
Document Bulk Actions  check
Document Subcategories  EP
Template Filtering EP
Essential Safety Measures Diary EP
Essential Fire Safety Measures  check
Create EFSM Projects  check
EFSM Audit Tool Access for Guests  EP
Calendar Feed  check
Custom Inspection Areas  check
Inspections  check
Preselect Stages in Inspection Allocations  check
Defect Register  check
Additional inspection observations  check
Recurring inspections  check
External Access  check
Guest Access  EP
External Inspector Access  EP
Guest Application Forms  EP
Billing  check
Access Project Files  check
Create Project Files  check
Custom List of Requirements  check
Custom Project File Numbering  check
Emails  check
Notes  check
Custom Project File Status Template  check
Create Subprojects  check
Project Name Changes  check
View Registers  check
Checklist  check
Multiselect Project Types  check
Checklist table layout  check
Business Unit  EP
Substitute Contact EP
Show "Select from contacts" button (planned for future deprecation)  check
Custom Fee Presets  check
Custom Fee Service Rates  check
Access Quotes  check
Convert Quote To Project  check
File Administrator on Project/Quote  check
Assessing Officer on Project/Quote  check
Quote Billing Phases EP
Line-by-line acceptance of Quotes  check
Create Subquotes  check
All Projects Report  check
Open Projects Report  check
Operations Report  EP
Booked Inspections  check
Completed Inspections  check
Quotes Report  check
Invoice Status Report  check
Director  EP
Defective Inspection Report  EP
Account Statements EP
Financial Summary Report  EP
EP Extension Pack